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Goa Lawah (Lawah Cave) – Temple To Worship The God Of The Sea

Goa Lawah (Lawah Cave) – Temple To Worship The God Of The Sea

Goa Lawah means bats cave. Goa Lawah Temple is to worship God as the God of the Sea. Pesinggahan Village, District Dawan, Klungkung was the center of Pura Segara (sea temple) in Bali as a place to worship God as the God of the Sea. This temple stands in the meeting between the coastal areas and hills with a cave inhabited by thousands of bats. Inside the cave sometimes appears duwe snake, white bat, yellow bats and bats brumbun, add ambience grew mystical of Goa Lawah.

Goa Lawah (Lawah Cave) – Temple To Worship The God Of The Sea

Goa Lawah (Lawah Cave)In Lontar Prekempa Gunung Agung is said that Lord Shiva sent Sang Hyang Tri Murti to save the earth. Brahma became the Dragon Ananta Bhoga. Lord Vishnu transformed into a Dragon Basuki. God Iswara into Dragon Takshaka. Dragon Basuki who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, his head was at the sea to move the ocean to evaporate into clouds. Tail into the mountain and tail scales into the trees in dense forest. Basuki Dragon's head symbolized by Goa Lawah Temple. Tail towering Mount Agung symbolized. The tip of its tail was at Pura Goa Raja (one of the temples at Besakih complex). Therefore, cave at Pura Goa Raja impassable said the way to Goa Lawah. One proof is that when Mount Agung erupted in 1963, there was smoke billowing out of the mouth of the Goa Lawah.

Goa Lawah (Lawah Cave)The existence of this Goa Lawah Temple expressed in some such ejection Lontar USANA Bali and also Lontar Babad Pasek. In Lontar stated Lawah Cave Temple is built on the initiative of mpu Kuturan into the eleven century AD and again restored to extend to the fifteenth century AD.

Pujawali or piodalan in this Goa Lawah Temple to worship Bhatara Tengahing Segara and Sang Hyang Basuki. Conducted every Anggara Kasih Medangsia. In offal Pura, precisely at the mouth of caves there are several pelinggih, namely the Sanggar Agung to worship of Sang Hyang Tunggal. Meru Tumpang Tiga as the junction of Bhatara Andakasa. Gedong Limasari as Dewi Sri Pelinggih and Gedong Limascatu as Lord Vishnu Pelinggih. Two pelinggih as worship God as Sang Hyang Basuki and Bhatara Tengahing Segara. In the Hindu tradition of Bali, God who was worshiped as the god sea was called ''Bhatara Tengahing Segara''. This is to instill an attitude of life does not destroy the natural process.

Balinese Hindus in general do Nyegara Gunung ceremony as closing ceremony of Wedana Atman or called Nyekah, Memukur or Maligia. This ceremony serves as a sacred ritual declaration that the atman in the family had reached Dewa Pitara ceremony. Nyegara Gunung ceremony was generally done at Goa Lawah Temple and Besakih Temple, one is Goa Raja Temple.

Location: approximately 20 kilometers east of town Semarapura, Klungkung or approximately 59 kilometers from Denpasar.
Goa Lawah (Lawah Cave) – Temple To Worship The God Of The Sea
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