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Galungan - Commemorating The Creation Of The Universe

Galungan - Commemorating The Creation Of The Universe

Galungan is a day which commemorating the creation of the universe and the victory of dharma against adharma. Balinese Hindhus make offerings to the Sang Hyang Widhi and Lord Bhatara with all the manifestations as a sign of thanks for blessings and for further safety. Penjor while mounted on the face of each housing is a rule of Lord Mahadeva who based in Mount Agung.

Galungan - Commemorating The Creation Of The Universe

Galungan means war. In a series of Galungan, we were visited by Kala-tiganing Galungan. Kala Tiga is Bhuta Galungan, Bhuta Dungulan, and Bhuta Amangkurat. They are a symbol of self-centered (evil). So in this race to war is not against enemies of physical shape, but the personal passion and adharma.

Most important in the celebration of Galungan is the mental attitude in implementing upakara on feast days, the cheer of grace Sang Hyang Widhi within the limits of religious ethics and national concern, care to explain the Cura, Dira and Deraka (bold, solid and strong) in cope with life in the world, frugal and simple in use fees, and most importantly is to invoke the grace of Sang Hyang Widhi with sincerity.

Celebration of the holy feast Galungan day was first held on Wednesday Kliwon, Wuku Dungulan Sasih kapat 15th (full moon) year 804 Saka. In the year 1103 saka when King Sri Eka Jaya hold the government until the reign of King Sri Dhanadi year 1126 saka, the Galungan celebration had stopped celebrated. New Galungan celebrated back at the reign of King Sri Jaya Kasunu. He was surprised because the king and the officials who ruled previously always have a short-lived. Then he meditated and get revelation from the Goddess Durgha that the ancestors are always have a short-lived because they’re not celebrate Galungan, therefore, Goddess Durgha requested that Galungan must celebrated returned in accordance with the prevailing traditions and install of penjor.

Types of Galungan:

1. Galungan
In the palm of Buda Sundarigama mention Kliwon Wuku Dungulan called Galungan holidays.

2. Galungan Nadi
If Galungan fell in Purnama (full moon), Hindus perform a more level the main ceremony. Based Lontar Purana Bali Dwipa that fell on Sasih Galungan kapat (kartika) on 15th (full moon) year 804 Saka in this Balinese indicates how glorious and sacred holiday.

3. Galungan Naramangsa.
If Galungan fell on Tilem Kapitu and Sasih Kasanga, not allowed to celebrate holidays and to offer offerings Galungan containing cone. Congregation held caru contains sweet rice mixed with chopped taro, if violated would be invaded by Balagadabah. This is mentioned in Lontar Sang Hyang Aji Swamandala.
Galungan - Commemorating The Creation Of The Universe
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