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Balangan Beach – A Peaceful Day in Bali

Balangan Beach – A Peaceful Day in Bali

Balangan Beach is one of the best white sandy beaches on the west side of the Bukit Peninsula, located just north of Dreamland. Balangan Beach has great waves for surfing and offer the most stunning coastal scenery. Small shops or stalls of food and accommodation are also available there. Beach is one of the beautiful beach with fewer visitors and quiet. This is a perfect beach for sunbathing, and sunset is really beautiful to complement your day or enjoy a few beers while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Balangan Beach – A Peaceful Day in Bali

How to get there?

Actualy the location of Balangan Beach is not too far to reach. It is only about 10 km from the Ngurah Rai Airport. If you rent a car or motor bike, just go straight head up the hill, after you find GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), on a small intersection (where to the left you will go towards Bali Cliff) take the right small road next to NIRMALA Supermarket (you will notice "To Balangan" sign), just follow the road of "Cotton trees", and there is a small metal fence to the beach parking lot.

Comfortable Black & White Sandy Beach

At Balangan Beach, you will find an amazing mixture of black and white sands, glistening in the sun. Many photographers adore the area as it displays a very interesting sight of sand with some little pools of water. From a distance, it is a very interesting view.

You can come here with a rental car, but you could also fill your day with some adventure and rent a motorbike, and feel the fresh breeze in your hair on your way down to the beach.

Late in the afternoon, it is a pleasure to just sit on the beach and watch those waves splashing, seeing a few people putting their surf skills at test he re and there. There is also a very nice temple that you can visit, early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

One thing you have to keep in mind is, that to reach Balangan Beach, you need to go down a few steep stairs. You just need to be careful not to carry to much luggage with you down to the beach.

Balangan – The Best Playground

You and your kids can indulge in collecting shells, building wonderful dams and dreamy sand castles, or simply watch the fish swimming in the pond. Balangan definitely makes for the most wonderful playground in the world, with its perfect sand stretches. Kids will love it, and you will enjoy your perfectly relaxing day too!

When you’ve had enough of the sun rays and the ocean waves, you can simply go out exploring, and sit down at one of the cute restaurants you can find here. You can choose between Western Cuisine and local Indonesian food, there is a wide variety of places to suit any wallet: backpacker’s restaurants to restaurants that belong to the fancier bungalow resorts in the area.
Balangan Beach – A Peaceful Day in Bali
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