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18 of North Dakota's best places to visit

18 of North Dakota's best places to visit - Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a great place to learn about North Dakota's rough terrain and see animals that live in the Midwest. Or, go to the North Dakota Heritage Center to learn about the culture of native people and the history of settlement in the area.

18 of North Dakota's best places to visit

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

He fell in love with the scenery in the West, so it made sense to name the area after him when it became a park that anyone could visit.

In the Badlands of western North Dakota, there are three different parts of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Visitors can drive through an area with interesting rock formations or go hiking in the backcountry. But seeing wildlife is the most important reason why it is one of the best places to visit in North Dakota.

2. Fort Mandan Overlook State Historic Site

Fort Mandan Overlook State Historic Site

During that time, Lewis and Clark and other explorers met with Native Americans at Fort Mandan to talk about their ways of life. It's also where Lewis and Clark met Sacagawea, who joined them for the rest of their trip to the West Coast.

Today, Fort Mandan, which was named after the native people of the area, is one of the most popular places to visit in North Dakota. Visitors can see how the Corps of Discovery lived all those years ago.

3. Maah Daah Hey Trail

Maah Daah Hey Trail

Even though you can bike, hike, and ride horses on the path, it is best known as one of the best mountain biking experiences in the country.

About 30 miles south of Medora, the trail starts at the Burning Coal Vein Campground and winds its way to the CC Campground (about 16 miles south of Watford City). Along the way, there are nine campgrounds where people can tie up their horses and make a campfire.

4. North Dakota Heritage Center

North Dakota Heritage Center

As the largest museum in the state, the center is all about showing the history of the area, from geological formations that happened millions of years ago to recent historical events.

The North Dakota Heritage Center has a theater, an atrium, a reading room, and more. It also has four main galleries:
  • Start your journey at the Adaptation Gallery and learn about the ancient sea creatures and dinosaurs that lived in the area, as well as how the landscape you see today came to be.
  • Learn about the area's earliest civilizations and their history up to the 19th century at the Innovation Gallery.
  • Find out about the modern history and culture of North Dakota in the Inspiration Gallery.
  • In the Governors Gallery, you can learn about a wide range of topics from exhibits that come and go.

5. Chateau de Mores State Historic Site

Chateau de Mores State Historic Site

Today, it is one of the most popular places to visit in North Dakota. There, people can go back in time to the 18th century Wild West.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the house and learn about the original items. A bronze statue of the Marquis can be found in the De Mores Memorial Park, which is close by. Chimney Park is a tribute to the Marquis's meatpacking business, which he ran for many years.

6. National Buffalo Museum

National Buffalo Museum

The main goal of the National Buffalo Museum is to teach people about the history of bison in the United States. The bison played an important role in Native American culture, and the exhibits explain how the species managed to stay alive.

The museum also keeps a herd of live buffalo, which people can see walking around near I-94.

7. International Peace Garden

International Peace Garden

Walkthrough There are wildflowers, waterfalls, and lakes all over 2,300 acres. You can walk or drive along trails to see different species of North American animals.

The botanical garden has different gardens with different plants and animals, a conservatory and interpretive center, a historic lodge, a 9/11 memorial, a peace chapel, and more. You can spend a few hours or the whole day looking around this great site.

8. Fargo Theatre

Fargo Theatre

The cost of a movie ticket is only $9, so you can see a piece of historic architecture while you watch a great show.

The theater was first built to entertain crowds with movies and vaudeville shows. It is now one of the best places to visit in North Dakota. People can go to a concert or see an independent or foreign film.

The theater is very proud of the Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ, which was built in 1926 and is the biggest theater organ between Minneapolis and Seattle.

9. Dakota Zoo

Dakota Zoo

There are hundreds of acres of space for animals to roam free while you admire their beauty. Throughout the year, the zoo also has different events, such as wine and beer tastings for adults and breakfast parties and Halloween parties for kids.

10. Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

The Visitor Center Museum has interesting artifacts that show the culture and history of the area. Visitors can see what life was like for the Mandan Native Americans in the past by going inside earth lodges that have been rebuilt.

History fans can visit Fort Abraham Lincoln and Fort McKeen to learn what it was like to be a frontier soldier. There's also a lot for people who like to be outside to do.

There are more than 100 campsites along the Heart and Missouri Rivers, which are very pretty. Along the way, you'll also find great places to fish.

11. Plains Art Museum

Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum is the largest museum in North Dakota. It is in the city of Fargo. Everyone can get in for free, and there are more than 4,000 local, regional, and national works to look at. There are also a lot of pieces from Native Americans in the shows.

12. Fort Union Trading Post National Historic State

Fort Union Trading Post National Historic State

Outline structures show where the blacksmith shop, the powder magazine, and the rooms where post workers and visitors stayed were located in the past. It's worth going to see. About 25 miles south of Williston, North Dakota, is the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site.

13. North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

It's one of the best places to learn about the state's western history. It was planned and built in the 1990s. In the middle is the Hall of Honorees, which is a list of people who have been inducted and represent the heart of the western frontier at different times in history.

There are also many displays, such as a gift shop, cultural archives, and a space for events.

14. Bonanzaville USA

Bonanzaville USA

Visitors can see Fargo's first schoolhouse, a fire station, a general store, a church, and more original buildings. In an airplane and car museum, you can learn about the history of both types of transportation.

There are 40 historic buildings and hundreds of thousands of exhibits that show the history of the United States through the eyes of North Dakotans. It is the biggest historical site in the area and one of the biggest in the country.

15. Enchanted Highway

Enchanted Highway

Look for a huge metal sculpture of flying geese and a beautiful painting of deer jumping over a fence. You can look at tall grasshoppers and follow a line of pheasants across the prairie.

The Enchanted Highway is not a real highway, but it is a magical road that leads to a beautiful place.

In 1989, local artist Gary Greff came up with the idea of a road lined with sculptures. This was the start of building the Enchanted Highway. He made eight sculptures that are all along the road.

16. Medora Musical

Medora Musical

At the grand finale, there will be patriotic fireworks that will make you look up at the night sky and say "wow" and "wow" again.

The musical revue made its debut at the Burning Hills Amphitheater in 1965. It was a new version of shows that had been done before about Roosevelt's trip to North Dakota.

More than 100,000 people visit it every summer in North Dakota, which shows how popular it is.

17. North Dakota State Capitol

North Dakota State Capitol

The 21-story tower and the 160-acre campus around it also have their own stories. It is the tallest building in North Dakota that people can live in. It was built in the art deco style.

There are many walking paths on the Capitol grounds that take you on a self-guided tour of the grounds. The Arboretum Trail goes through a wooded area and past a tree that is thought to be about 60 million years old and has turned to stone.

North of the Judicial Wing, the Prairie Trail leads to grassy fields with wildflowers.

18. Grand Forks

Grand Forks

Grand Forks is the third largest city in North Dakota. It is on the banks of the Red River of the North, which is a pretty cool name, but it often floods. The cosmopolitan downtown of this college town is a busy, full of life place.

Since a terrible fire and flood in 1997, the city has been fixed up and rebuilt. Grand Forks is a busy place with a lot going on. It has a lively arts and culture scene and some great places to eat.
18 of North Dakota's best places to visit
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