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Where To Swim With The Sharks?

Where To Swim With The Sharks?

There is a pile of adventurous people in the world and some of them the majority of the other rises to the things could not imagine, for example, to swim with the sharks. If this is something that interests to you, these are some of the best places in the planet to do it.

Where To Swim With The Sharks?

1. Cocos Island, Costa Rica
This it is a beautiful and ideal place to see the sharks hammer and also it gives the opportunity you to swim through some cascades.

2. Galapagos Islands
You will be able to be with the white and silky end, and sharks hammer here, since generally they are possible to be observed the year throughout. Even if it does not happen to the operation in a single, the Galapagos Islands are a fabulous and exotic place to explore.

3. Australia
This is one of the most popular zones as you can find the end white, gray of reef, and the sharks whale. One of the best places for the sharks great whale it is Ningaloo Reefs of Western Australia. The autumn and principles of winter usually are the best moments of the year.

4. South Africa
This it is a magnificent place for Great White, the tiger, hammer, bull and the shark sand tiger. One of the great places in the world is False Bay. to dive in a cage with the fabulous mixture of the sharks is unforgettable here.

5. The Bahamas
This is the best location in the Caribbean to see sharks reef hammer, sharks, sharks bull and, mainly in the Stella Maris Shark Reef in Long Island. Also it can take tears boat to see the feeding of the hungry sharks divers.
Where To Swim With The Sharks?
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