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Malioboro Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta Traditional Souvenirs Center

Malioboro Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta Traditional Souvenirs Center

Entering Malioboro, we will be welcomed by legendary hotel in Yogyakarta, "Grand Hotel De Djokdja". The hotel has been established since 1908 and became operational in 1911. The hotel has now changed its name to "Inna Garuda" but did not change the existing architectural style. At 911 or 912 rooms in this hotel could be a MBO office (General Headquarters) TKR led Great Commander General Sudirman.

Malioboro Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta Traditional Souvenirs Center

benteng breveburgTo the south of Malioboro, there is a fortress named Vredeburg, formerly used as the basis for the protection of Dutch troops from attack of the Palace. This fort was built in 1765 and has monitors at the four corners of the tower used as a patrol. Right in front of the castle, there is the Great House which was once the residence of the Head of the Dutch Colonial Administration in 1946-1949 and was once state palace when the capital of Indonesia moved to Yogyakarta.

Road stretches that connect of Kraton Yogyakarta, Tugu and the Mount Merapi, the lane is formed into a locality trading after Sri sultan Hamengku Buwono I developed a means of trading through a traditional market since 1758. After over 248 years, where it still survives as a trade area even be one of the icons of Yogyakarta, known as Market Malioboro.

pasar beringharjoEnjoy the experience of shopping at Market Malioboro, Jogja typical souvenir hunting, we can walk along the road that arcaded. Here you will find many vendors that sell local handicrafts such as batik, rattan ornament, leather puppets, bamboo crafts (key chains, decorative lamps, etc.) also blangkon (Javanese cap) and silver goods. Along the way, tourists can shop in peace in a sunny or rainy conditions. If you want to find a shirt that read funny words typical of Jogja, could try the product Dagadu downstairs Malioboro Mall.

In addition there is also a traditional market which is known by the name Beringharjo market. This market provides a wide range of traditional products is more complete. In addition to local products Jogja, neighboring areas are also available products such as batik Pekalongan or batik Solo. If you want to find batik or batik prints, or just looking for a decorative window curtains with unique motifs and beautiful batik bed sheets, this place will satisfy your desires for shopping unique goods with cheaper prices.
Malioboro Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta Traditional Souvenirs Center
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