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5 Best Places to Travel in The World

5 Best Places to Travel in The World

Best Places to Travel in The World

1. The South Island:

The South Island

The south island is the place at New Zealand. It is famous for the landscape or says visible elements of the place. There are large beach forests, even we can find the fjords and the golden sand beaches are also the place of attraction. Also broadly spread plains are available there.

Over and above this there are 10 national parks. These national parks include the lakes, heart throbbing glaciers, fjords and even much nice forests and coastline. The spectacular part of this won’t end over here, there are many great and beautiful scene over there.

2. Cape Town:

Cape Town

Cape Town is situated at the Africa. The exact location of the Cape Town is the tip of the Africa continent. Lots of beautiful scenes we can enjoy over there. Over and above many different life styles can be seen in various forms.

It’s great to visit the same during the summer season. You can enjoy the hot atmosphere with greatness and you can enjoy sitting at the beaches and exotic scenery. But if you indeed have thought of visiting the place you must do the reservations for the place before hand. Also get the rough idea as if what you want to do and which places you want to visit.

3. Golden Temple:

Golden Temple

Golden Temple is situated at Amritsar, India. Its location itself is very good. It’s located in the middle of the large blue pool. Also the rational chants and ritual riots make your mind calm and tranquil.

The architecture of the temple is based on the styles Hindu and Muslim artistically still it represents a unparalleled convolution of both. Amritsar water flowing into the lake of the “Hari Mandir” were long before the – and they continue being – bringing a peacefully.

So if you are to visit India don’t miss to visit this place.

4. Las Vegas:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city situated at the Nevada. It is in fact the largest one in the same. Over and above it is known as the entertainment capital of the world. It has many casino hotels. The atmosphere over there is also exotic.

It mostly contains the strip of the 20 long blocks of the light made up of the neon and even public drinking and you will just enjoy at the casinos.

5. Sydney:


Sydney is place at the Australian. It is the economic powerhouse of the same. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many attractions are there namely good restaurants and good skyscrapers. Folk is also very good over there. For those who just likes doing the shopping. It’s the place. So one must visit Sydney once a year or at least once in the life time.
5 Best Places to Travel in The World
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