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This is Baby Hair Grower for Thick Hair!

This is Baby Hair Grower for Thick Hair! - This is Baby Hair Grower for Thick Hair! - Seeing thick baby hair is every parent's dream, right? One of the myths that is still believed by many people is to diligently consume green beans during pregnancy because it is considered a natural baby hair grower.

However, no one can predict how the condition of the baby's hair when it is born. This depends on the genetics received from his parents as well as the level of hormones Mums during pregnancy. Some are born with thick hair, some are not. Some have thick hair at birth, but then fall out.

This is Baby Hair Grower for Thick Hair!

Baby Hair Grower for Thick

Although hair loss in newborns is a normal thing, you certainly want your little one's hair to grow thick. If you want your little one to have thick hair, there are several ways you can do it. Here are some of them!

1. Vitamin E
It turns out that vitamin E is not only good for the skin, but also one of the baby's hair growers. Currently, many special baby hair products contain vitamin E. You can also give your little one avocado, mango, kiwi, broccoli, and spinach because all these foods contain vitamin E.

2. Iron
Iron has an important role to help hair growth and prevent damage to each strand of hair. Some choices of foods that are rich in iron are green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, and beans.

3. Almond
Almonds are rich in protein and essential fatty acids, which are beneficial for growing baby hair. Mums can give your little one 2-3 almonds per day, of course, by adjusting the stages of the baby's complementary food. Mums can also apply almond oil to the baby's head and hair area. It's just that, pay close attention after you give almonds or apply almond oil to see if there is an allergic reaction in your little one.

4. Don't forget to wash your hair
Baby hair does not need to be washed every day, just 2-3 times a day. It serves to reduce the accumulation of dirt on the scalp. Use warm water so that your little one is not surprised when washed.

5. Use Aloe Vera
Mums must be very familiar with this one plant. Aloe vera is believed to be able to help nourish hair. You can apply aloe vera gel to your little one's scalp or mix it first with shampoo when washing your little one.

6. Dry your hair with a soft towel
Drying your baby's hair with a towel with a rough surface will damage the hair follicles and cause the baby's hair to fall out and become thin. So, use a soft towel and don't rub your little one's hair hard when drying it.

7. Comb Hair Regularly
In addition to washing your hair regularly, don't forget to regularly comb your little one's hair. This activity can help increase blood circulation in the scalp as well as promote hair growth.

8. Scalp Massage with Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is also rich in vitamin E. Massaging your little one's head with coconut oil can help blood circulation in the head run smoothly. In addition, coconut oil can moisturize the scalp, making it easier for hair growth, making hair shine, and even reducing cradle cap on your little one's head. You can massage your little one's head using coconut oil several times a week. Let stand for 20 minutes after applying, then rinse with warm water.

Those are some baby hair growers to make them thick. If your baby is a girl, then you should not tie her hair too tightly. You see, this will damage the roots of the little one's hair, which causes the hair to fall out easily. Good luck, Mums! (US)
This is Baby Hair Grower for Thick Hair!
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