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5 Ways to Treat Swollen Gums at Home

5 Ways to Treat Swollen Gums at Home - 5 Ways to Treat Swollen Gums at Home - Toothache is very disturbing, yes, gangs. But it's not just a toothache that makes you cringe. Swollen gums also cause aches and pains that seem to be felt all over the body.

Previously, the Healthy Gang had to first know the cause of the swollen gums they were experiencing. Swollen gums can be caused by tartar, brushing your teeth too hard, using dentures or braces , hormonal changes , pregnancy, and menopause.

5 Ways to Treat Swollen Gums at Home

In addition, swollen gums are also caused by more serious health problems, such as thrush, gingivitis, or periodontitis. Then, how to treat swollen gums?

How to Treat Swollen Teeth

Healthy Gang should check with a doctor. However, there are also some natural ways that can be done to relieve swollen gums quickly, temporarily. Here are 5 ways to treat swollen gums at home!

1. Rinse with salt water

Prepare one cup of warm water. Pour a teaspoon of salt stir and use to gargle. The saline solution helps prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth, and reduces the number of bacteria that cause swelling of the gums.

You can gargle with salt water twice a day. This method is the easiest way to treat swollen gums, so it is often chosen by people with swollen gums.

2. Compress

Another way to treat swollen gums is to use a warm or cold compress. Prepare warm boiled water with a temperature not too hot let alone boiling and a small towel. Then, soak a towel in the warm water, then wring it out. After that, stick the towel to the cheek on the side of the swollen gum.

If you are more comfortable with a cold compress, soak a towel in water and an ice cube. Then, stick it to the cheek on the side of the swollen gum. This cold or warm compress is one way to treat swollen gums which is also easy to do.

3. Herbs

Some spices and plants can be used as medicine to relieve swollen gums and the pain it causes. One of them is cloves and jotang which have pain relief properties.

Both of these plants have long been used as an alternative and traditional medicine for oral problems. Look for ground cloves or jotang, then mix it in warm water. After that, apply directly to the swollen gums until the pain subsides. After that, gargle using plain water.

4. DIY Mouth Spray

Try diluting essential oils and putting them in the spray bottle provided. Use a small, clean spray bottle, then fill it with water. After that, pour five drops of your chosen essential oil into it.

After that, apply or spray to the swollen gums. As a recommendation, use an essential oil such as peppermint, oregano, or clove. All three have the property of relieving pain and inflammation. How to treat swollen gums is quite famous too, you know.

5. The bag

Use a fresh tea bag, then soak it in boiling water for 5 minutes, the same as when making tea. Then, remove the tea bag, and let it sit for a few minutes, until it's not too hot.

After that, apply the tea bag to the swollen gums for 5 minutes. Choose tea bags that are high in tannins, such as black or green tea. You can also have teas that contain anti-inflammatory properties, such as ginger tea or chamomile.

Such anti-inflammatory teas can relieve the swelling. Meanwhile, tea containing tannins can absorb the cause of gum irritation. This is why using tea bags is one of the most popular ways to treat swollen gums.

When to Call a Doctor? 

Swollen gums are generally not a dangerous condition and are easily cured. You can try the five natural ways to treat swollen gums above. However, you should see a doctor if you experience swollen gums:
  • Not getting better
  • Causes severe pain
  • Disrupts eating and sleeping
  • Followed by other symptoms
Especially for women, swollen gums can also be experienced during pregnancy or menopause due to hormonal influences. The treatment is the same, and if the pain is very bothersome, you should contact a doctor.
5 Ways to Treat Swollen Gums at Home
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