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3 Main Benefits of Leaves Keji Beling for Body Health

3 Main Benefits of Leaves Keji Beling for Body Health - 3 Main Benefits of Leaves Vile Beling for Body Health - Of the various medicinal plants in Indonesia, you may not be familiar with the vile shard leaves. This plant, also known as leaf shattering, onyokelo, or keji beling, is commonly found in yards or among weeds. He said, this shard leaf is useful for treating diabetes and scratches. Is that true?

3 Main Benefits of Leaves Vile Beling for Body Health

What is Keji Beling?

Keji Beling has the Latin name Strobilanthes crispus (S. crispus). This plant is still included in the Acanthaceae plant family, and is still related to the bitter plant . Keci shard is actually from Madagascar but its cultivation has spread to Indonesia.

According to research from the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kelantan, the leaves contain caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2 to a number of other nutrients which of course have good properties and are beneficial for health.

The vile shard leaves have been widely processed and marketed as herbal medicine. These include powdered powder, capsules containing powder, and products that can be mixed into tea or coffee.

The vile shard benefits that have the potential for health

1. Natural diabetes medicine

And vile shard is believed to be effective as a natural diabetes drug to control blood sugar levels. However, the efficacy and effectiveness of this herbal leaf have not been tested in humans. The alleged blood sugar-lowering effect of keci shard leaves has only been reported in lab rats, based on research from Universiti Putra Malaysia published by Plant Foods for Human Nutrition in 2013.

This study used tea from fermented and unfermented kecibeling leaves. After 21 days given the intake of fermented keci shard tea, the group of rats experiencing hyperglycemia saw a decrease in blood sugar. Meanwhile, normal mice blood sugar levels were not affected.

At the same time, the shard leaf also showed a cholesterol-lowering effect in the rats. Cholesterol of diabetic rats who were given fermented kecibeling leaf tea was seen to slowly decrease from day 7 and day 21. However, in diabetic rats who were given non-fermented kecibeling leaf tea, on day 21 their cholesterol levels actually increased.

In normal rats who were given both types of kecibeling leaf tea, cholesterol levels in the body decreased slowly. Researchers believe that this blood sugar and cholesterol lowering benefit comes from its antioxidant and polyphenol content .

Further research is still needed to prove the efficacy of this herbal medicine in humans.

2. Heal diabetic wounds

For people with diabetes, even small wounds can get worse and take longer to heal. Well, the broken glass leaves are believed to have the potential to accelerate the healing of diabetic wounds . However, again, the benefits of this vile shard leaf have only been tested on lab rats.

Still from the Malaysian study above, researchers compared the speed of the healing process of a 2 cm wide incision in the neck of diabetic rats and healthy rats. The choice of wound medicine used was kecibeling leaf extract, acacia leaf extract, ethanol, and intracytic gel which are commonly used to treat wounds.

As a result, the incisions in the two rats healed faster when treated with the vile shard extract ointment than other drugs. In addition to accelerating wound healing, keci shard extract also works to reduce inflammation in the body due to wounds and triggers the production of more collagen to form new skin tissue.

3. Fight free radicals

Summarizing research from Universiti Sains Malaysia , the leaves of Keji Beling contain a number of important antioxidants. Starting from polyphenols, flavonoids , catechins, alkaloids, and tannins. This study compared fermented and unfermented keji shard leaves, as well as several other types of tea leaves such as green tea and black tea.

Green tea and black tea are still in the top two ranks as the leaves with the highest antioxidant levels. However, it was immediately followed by non-fermented vile shard leaves and fermented vile shard leaves.

Antioxidants are important to fight the effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are harmful substances that are the cause of the emergence of various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, decreased vision ( macular degeneration ), to Alzheimer's .

Before using any herbal medicine…

Although the vile shard leaves are allegedly potentially good for health, you must remain wise when consuming them. Remember that research on the benefits of vile shard so far has not been proven in humans.

You also should not carelessly consume it just like that. Herbal plants need to be processed in a certain way so that they can be consumed safely. Moreover, supplements and herbal medicines do not have an official dosage standard so that the effects that appear on one person and another may differ. Not all people who take herbal medicine can feel the benefits.

No less important, you also need to know if you have allergies to these herbal plants.

Medical treatment from doctors remains the main way of healing for all health problems. It's a good idea to consult a doctor first before deciding to use any herbal medicines. Later the doctor will consider the safety of using the drug related to your health, as well as considering possible drug reactions.

3 Main Benefits of Leaves Keji Beling for Body Health
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